Business case for a DApp that should be built on Avalanche

Does your idea have value?

In order to push average market buyer, we would like to outline some of the first steps you need to proceed to understand if your idea has value. At Dapplica we can also consult customers at some nominal fee and walkthrough idea, as we saw, seeing number of projects and being here from EOS inception we know what works and what doesn’t.

What is Decentralized assets dApp?

Number of games has assets inside and it’s common known issue about ownership, transferability of those items. There are several projects that trying to solve that issue by connecting centralized assets with their decentralized copy. Still, there is a niche of decentralized assets only, let’s say for gaming.

1. Problem

When you start to create a Lean Canvas, the first thing you need to think about is a problem, which is solved by your idea.

  • Lack of transparency with owning digital assets
  • No trustless solution to exchange asset for money or any other form of goods. Some of gaming platforms can ban for that activity.
  • Asset markets that exist are hard to use because of no straightforward solution
  • Unable to own a tiny fraction of asset
  • Lack of transparent marketplace and auction pricing
  • Traditionally not designed for cross game usage

Existing Alternatives

2. Solution

3. Key Metrics

  • Number of unique items available in the marketplace — primary metric
  • Number of items sold per day/month
  • DAU / MAU

4. Unique Value Proposition

  • Trustless asset marketplace
  • Own your assets outside of games, dapps

5. Unfair advantages

6. Channels

  • Partnership with main market players: portals like,, game dev magazines, Dappradar …etc
  • Partnership with dapp developers to encourage them recognising us as their preferred standard and marketplace. Rewards in the form of tokens will be granted.
  • Ads, some of target partners might offer ads which might work as well
  • Guest Posts, Guest Blogs
  • Influencers. It’s really new market and there are new and hungry bloggers in EOS space and crypto space that might make review even for free.
  • Community support, SMM

7. Customer segments

  • Cryptogamers
  • dApp developers

Early adopters

  • Players that are:
  • Dapp developers that willing to take risk by receiving your tokens and integrating with your marketplace and standard

8. Cost Structure

  • Marketplace v 1.0. Launch — 40 000 USD in general
  • Ongoing technical support — 10 000 USD per month
  • Ongoing marketing — 10 000 USD per month

9. Revenue Streams

To define revenue streams, answer the following questions:

  • For what value customers are willing to pay?
  • For what they pay already?
  • Preferable ways of paying?
  • What are different revenue streams?


As we are marketplace we should first of all take fees from every transaction.

Token monetization

Also we will monetize on our token, by having it users will be able to have discounted fees, we can burn our token as a result.

Premium membership

Another option that users are willing to pay and use is premium membership, let’s say they will be notified about hot and top things in assets and auctions premium places to bid.


Lean Canvas approach can help you to build and outline your business in one paper. So you can now imagine how it should work as a whole system and iterate, improve it over time. Business model canvas can save your time and create a clearer picture of the project.



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